Brad Douglas Photography | About
I'm an Australian photographer trying to capture the beauty I see around me. It's everywhere - you just need to look, or to look differently. That's the power of photography: to show you how another sees, and by extension to challenge you to see differently.

My focus has been natural history (mainly macro), however I'm also interested in landscape, and have done some abstract, travel, street, food and product work. I try and improve and learn every time I shoot, and love new techniques and subjects.

In this country we have a wonderfully rich natural history, however it's under a multitude of threats that are complex, and mainly our fault. Most take it for granted or simply don't care. However there's an incredible loss happening, and it's accelerating. Our natural, living riches are being wiped out, and once gone cannot be regained. If more people understood the scale, or the real economic, scientific, environmental, spiritual, and intrinsic value of what we're losing, maybe we collectively would prioritise it's conservation more highly.

I'm immensely lucky to have a wife and family who share my love of wild places and the critters in them. Lib, you give praise with one hand and blunt grounding with the other. I need that. Kids, watching you fall in love with the froggies, birdies, lizards, snakes, flowers, ... is inspirational.

Finally, I'm also deeply grateful to my mate/mentor/tormentor who has infected my brain with Latin, taxonomy, dimorphism, and a hundred other insights that expanded my horizons. Thanks heaps.